China API Portal


1) What to do if I can not open the home page of this site?

Please verify the URL you have input. If it was correct, try to switch to another networking environment if available. Please tell the system administrator if the problem still exists after repetitive endeavors.

2) I registered with the site 3 days ago. Why haven't I got any reply yet?

Under normal circumstances, the administrator will vet the registration within one business day. Whether the application is approved or not, you will be able to receive email notification. If you have not received any message several days later, it is usually because of a problem of communication between our email server and yours, or you accidentally entered the wrong email address. Please add to the white list at your end. And check whether it was redirected to your spam box. You may register again with a new email address if the problem still exists.

3) Why my application got rejected?

The registration is refused usually because the registration information is unidentifiable. For example, email is not from a corporate domain; given name and surname is incomplete; company name, facsimile, or telephone, fax, reason for application are all empty. Please provide information as complete as possible to ensure your registration can be approved, because the rejected user name and email would be recorded and prohibited from later registration.

4) I forgot my user name. How to retrieve it?

You can get it back by your registered email, Please refer the ??retrieve user name?? part in the help for details.

5) I forgot my password. How to retrieve it?

You can reset your password by your user name or email. Please follow the ??reset password?? section in the help. If you can??t remember your registered answer for resetting password, you can only register a new account. The administrator can??t read password.

6) What??s the meaning of ??save draft??, ??discard draft?? and ??save?? button in the ??create a manifest?? page?

??Save draft?? means save the filled contents into the database as the current draft, and it can be loaded to the page next time you open the page. Oppositely, ??discard draft?? is to clear the current draft saved in the database. The ??save?? button is to save the current traveler information temporarily.

7) What??s the meaning of ??receipt?? in the submission history?

The ??receipt?? is a 32-bit string used to identify one message you submitted via the website.

8) How to use ??load a former manifest by the receipt???

You can load a former manifest to the message area by the receipt, and submit it as a new manifest after modification. This helps the process of submitting similar FCM's for multiple times.

9) Why I was informed that ??you are not authorized to search manifest for any carrier?? or ??you are not authorized to search manifest for any departing/arriving airports?? in realtime feedback page?

This is because you are not authorized to query data of any carrier, any departing airports, or any arriving airports. This attributes can not be modified by user itself. Please contact the administrator for more.

10) What are the ??processed manifest?? and ??discarded manifest???

After this update, the API manifests received by the system are divided into "processed manifest" and "discarded manifest", but not ??valid data?? and ??invalid data??. "Processed manifest" refers to those messages that can be parsed by the system. The possible errors can be found in "error" column in the result page. While "discarded manifest" refers to those messages that can not be parsed due to fatal format error. Discarded manifest will not be delivered to any government agencies.

11) How to judge whether there are any problems with API manifest of an air carrier?

This site can certify the system received the data or not, and its format validity. Processed manifest and discarded manifest were all received by the system literally. Processed manifest can still include errors although it was processed. Discarded manifest can be seen as non-existing in a sense. Please contact government agencies directly for data timeliness, completeness, and correctness.

12) What's the meaning of ??scheduled operating time at Chinese mainland airport?? and ??receiving time?? respectively?

The scheduled operating time at Chinese mainland airport refers scheduled time of arrival (STA) for inbound flights, and scheduled time of departure (STD) for outbound flights. Receiving time refers to the Beijing time when the system received the manifest.

13) What??s the meaning of the ??common access reference??, ??block seq.?? and ??block ind.?? respectively?

"Common access reference" is the only identifier of a transmission. The system use this to join multiple blocks. Null common access reference or same common access reference can cause mix up of transmissions. "Block seq." is the sequence number of the block in the whole transmission. "Block Ind." is "C" for the first block, "F" for the final block, and null for the others.

14) What does the "errors" shown in processed manifest and discarded manifest mean?

An explanation of the errors can be found at: Please refer to API China Implementation Guide for more details of each segment.

15) Where can I download the latest version of "API China Implementation Guide"?

It can be found at home page of Ministry of Public Security, which locates at: For the time of being, the latest version can be downloaded at:

16) How to contact the administrator?

The system administrator can be reached at