China API Portal

Account Management   Getting Started


China API Portal URL: You can visit the site with IE or Firefox. Home page is shown as Illus. 1.

Illus. 1 China API Portal
Located on the top is the notice area, which is used to publish system information, and you can click the ?on the right to close it. On the right under the notice area is the language switcher and the help/FAQ link.

Account Management

Account Registration
You can go to the register page as Illus. 2 through the ??sign up?? button.

Illus. 2 User Register
All the items followed by ??*?? are mandated. Only after "filling in the blanks", you can submit API manifest for the relevant carriers you chosen after registration.

Illus. 3 Request list
For adding a new column, you can simply click on the bottom right corner of the plus sign. After all of your delegating carriers added, click the ??Next?? button to save and return to the modification page, on which the selected delegating carriers will be shown. After verifying what you have filled, please check the ??I here assure above information are accurate and legal.?? box, then submit it. If you want to refill the registration, you can click the ??reset?? button to clear all of the filled contents.
Your registration will go through a vetting process by the administrator. After approved, your registered email box will receive a ??registration approved?? message, shown as Illus. 4. Please log in China API Portal with the password provided and modify it as soon as possible.

Illus. 4 Registration approved mail
If your registration information is refused by the administrator, you will receive the registration refused mail shown as Illus. 5. The reasons of rejection is usually unidentifiable registration information. For example, email is not from a corporate domain; given name and surname is incomplete; company name, facsimile, or telephone, fax, reason for application are all empty.
Please provide information as complete as possible to ensure your registration can be approved, because the rejected user name and email would be recorded and prohibited from later registration.

Illus. 5 Registration refused mail
 Retrieve user name
As Illus. 6 shows, the ??lost user name??? link located on the homepage can be used to get your user name back if you lost it. After input your registered email and submit, you??ll receive an email with your user name in it.

Illus. 6 Retrieve user name
Reset password
As Illus. 7.a shows, use the ??lost password??? link on the homepage to reset password. There are two methods as ??by user name?? and ??by email??. If you select the ??by user name??, input your registered user name, and answer the question for resetting password shown as Illus. 7.b. You will be given a new password through email.

Illus. 7.a

Illus. 7.b

Illus. 7.c

Getting Started

Sign in / Sign out
User can sign in the system after receiving approval email. The interface is shown as Illus. 8. If the ??auto login?? box is checked and cookie feather is enabled, you will be able to sign in the system in 1 week.

Illus. 8 Sign in
The main page is shown as Illus. 9. The top right corner locates the language switcher, Help/FAQ and the sign out link. Menu is on left and the main right area displays some important messages.

Illus. 9 Main page after sign in
Profile: Modify

Here you can modify your information such as email, telephone, fax, and so on. All the modifications except delegating carriers are needn??t to be audited again by the administrator.
The ??remove my account?? function can wipe out all your account information in the system for ever, so please take caution.

Profile:Change password

Click the ??change password?? to enter the page shown as Illus. 10. Input your old password and the new one twice, then click submit button.

Illus. 10 Change password
Submission: Create a manifest

Firstly fill in the flight data shown as Illus. 11.a, and then click ??go to traveler page?? to input passenger and crew members?? information as Illus. 11.b.
The system will save the draft periodically. And you can manually do this by click ??save draft?? button at any time.
Additionally, the ??abandon draft?? button will help you to clear all the contents of the current input quickly.

Illus. 11.a

Illus. 11.b
Submission: Import a manifest

Shown as Illus. 12, you can directly paste the raw text into the text area, or load an old manifest by the receipt of it, after proper modification, submit it as a new one.
Please be noticed that the receipt of an old manifest can be found from the submission history.

Illus. 12
Submission: Submission history

Here you can view your submission history illustrated as Illus. 13. The receipt is used to identify the relevant message.

Illus. 13
Realtime feedback: Processed manifest

Processed manifest refers to those messages that have been received and processed by the system. Please be noted that processed manifest is not necessarily correct regarding format conformity. The system just processes them based on a principle of maximum compatibility. The remaining errors on travelers can be found in the ??errors?? column of each record.
Filled in the conditions as shown Illus. 14.a, in which the range of ??scheduled operating time at Chinese mainland airport?? must be less than 3 months. The Illus. 14.b shows the searching result. Also you can print the result table with the ??print?? button.

Illus. 14.a

Illus. 14.b

Illus. 14.c
Realtime feedback: Processed manifest (Auto-refreshing)

This function is similar to the last one. Auto-refreshing means the latest 10 processed manifest will keep shown on the page without user interference.

Illus. 15
Realtime feedback: Discarded manifest

Discarded manifest refers to those messages that were received but not processed by the system due to fatal format errors.
Filled in these inquiring conditions as shown Illus. 16.a, in which the range of ??receiving time?? must be less than 3 months. The Illus. 16.b shows the searching result. Also you can print the result table with the ??print?? button.

Illus. 16.a

Illus. 16.b